Apathy’s Ascension

devils, demons, and harridans
stomp with jack boots through my brain
trampling reason, trampling logic,
trampling all that is sane

razor teeth tear apart fragile trust
revealing perceived lies
sugar-coated in honeyed words
malleable untruths survive

venomous thoughts frolic and feast
leaving famine in their wake
an empty shell of a mind
filled with nothing, it breaks

and collapses inward
into the pit of passion’s death
taking a war-ravaged spirit
that at long last has found rest

Photo via Pixabay

33 thoughts on “Apathy’s Ascension”

  1. diavoli, demoni e harridan
    calpestano con stivali da presa attraverso il mio cervello che
    calpesta la ragione, calpestando la logica,
    calpestando tutto ciò che è sano

    rasatura dei denti lacerazione fragile fiducia
    rivelatrice bugie percepite
    ricoperte di zucchero in parole
    mielose che sopravvivono a verità non tangibili

    pensieri velenosi folleggiano e banchettano
    lasciando la carestia nella loro scia
    un guscio vuoto di una mente
    piena di nulla, si spezza

    e collassa all’interno
    della fossa della morte della passione
    prendendo uno spirito devastato dalla guerra
    che finalmente ha trovato riposo

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  2. Whoa! I’m blown away by your sheer talent, Kaddie. … I need to collect myself…. okay… I’ve calmed myself down.

    “Venomous thoughts frolic and feast…” My favorite line… hell, all of them are my fave! I absolutely love your poem. Instead of clapping, I’m gnashing my teeth and dancing with my demons. I must read your poem again… and again…. 🧡😈💚

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    1. I’m pleased that my words inspire you and your demons to dance…and the teeth gnashing is icing on the cake. 🎂 (Why isn’t there a chocolate cake emoji? I want chocolate! Do I sense a bit of prejudice here?) 🧐

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      1. I’ve had to approve every one of your comments before they showed up, Alan. I think it’s because for some reason, WordPress isn’t recognizing you, and thinks it’s comments from non-WordPress users. You show up as anonymous/“someone”, and not Incarcerated Shadows. Thank you for being persistent. I’m glad you like the poem. 😊

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