Eagle and Wolf

Eagle sails the azure heights
captaining impregnable thermals
serene, content, alone
distant from life
and love
and pain
wrapped in a safe blue cocoon
nothing can touch her
and she touches nothing


from afar
she has seen Wolf
has studied him
his powerful body
thick warm fur
compassionate eyes
and wondered what
it would be like
to enter his orbit


he stroke her chilled feathers
touch her with kindness
speak to her of love
of need
of want
of forever
build her a strong nest
that could withstand any storm
and the drought of long days


would he lure her in
lull her with honeyed words
calm her with knowing touches
bewitch her
beguile her
break her
then tear out her heart
devour her cooling body
and spit out the hollow bones


Eagle slows her descent
perches in the guarded tree
above the watching Wolf
stares into his eyes
into his heart
into his soul
but she can’t see
beyond all her clouded yesterdays
so she waits, praying for clarity

13 thoughts on “Eagle and Wolf”

  1. Alas! Talons and fangs can get in the way of a beautiful friendship. You’ve captured these two spirits who dwell in two different worlds in such a dilemma, dear Kaddie. I love how your words paint a troubled and passionate story. Perhaps it’s best that Eagle doesn’t relinquish her guard. 🐺💜🦅

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  2. Two different species, woman and man, though I met a singer last night. She asked for “a bit of reverb,” which was stunning that she knew the sound man could do that. And when she countered the comic, who put down “fat women” and complained, she was like light years ahead. I can imagine the fragility of your eagle, able to carry off deer, with its sharp talons and beak, wanting to take up conversations with a wolf, both solitary creatures. One of them, has to take the chance, if they are ever to become friends.

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